Meet XNote: The Smart Pen and Notebook that digitize your handwritten notes, now powered by GPT-4.

Write, digitize, and converse with your notes like never before.



XNote: Your all-in-one note-taking revolution.

Seamlessly digitize, organize, and chat with your notes

Effortless productivity unleashed with the power of XNote.

Intelligent Note-Taking Begins Here

With XNote, turn static pages into interactive ones.

  • AI Chat & Search: Find that elusive detail or information, not by flipping pages, but with a simple search or chat prompt.
  • Auto Digitalized Text: Your handwritten notes swiftly transformed into digitized text, making sharing, searching, and editing a breeze.
  • Share & Export: Share your beautiful handwritten notes, or just easily convert and share them as plain-text. Many ways to let your knowledge shine!
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The XNote Ecosystem:

Harmony of Hardware and AI.

XNote isn't just a product; it's a symphony of devices working in concert.

At the heart is our Smart Pen, a feat of ergonomic design and precision.

Each stroke on our Special Notebooks is captured with flawless accuracy, while our Mobile App, powered by GPT-4, turns your notes into a digital tapestry of ideas

As seen on over 1,000+ global news outlets...

No pen? No problem.

XNote's upcoming digital-first platform harnesses GPT-4 AI to enhance your note-taking experience. Stay organized, search effortlessly, and collaborate in ways you've never imagined — all within a digital landscape